MouZie Wallet

MouZie Wallet

On a market where competition is at its highest, the challenge we gave our designers was to create a wallet that will achieve four essential goals:

  • safe for cash and cards
  • practical
  • thin and light
  • suitable for any dress code

It seemed impossible to create an accessory that was suitable at a bussines dinner, at a cycling race, on a mountain trip or in the gym. After almost an year of designs and tests, the best option was chosen, and that started the MouZie brand. We’re talking about the classic model, made out of carbon fiber, the material that still holds 1st place in choices world-wide due to its strength, its special design and its very light weight. It all happened in 2017, in The US. Since then, MouZie came to be on of the most loved brands on the smart wallet market. During this time, it developed continuously and added 4 more colors in its portfoliu, based on aluminium. But for creating a wallet that stays true to the 4 goals, designers needed to combine more types of materials (carbon fiber, aluminium, rubber, stainless steel and cotton fibers) that can be used at the same time without breaking, as long as they’re premium sourced. This is the reason why, no matter the model, MouZie wallets are made of the best possible materials on the market.

The complete package contains both a money clip and a rubber band for banknotes, to give the user the possibility to chose at any time one of the four options: money clip, cash strap, simple or all in



The Carbon Fiber outer plates give it a slick, lightweight and robust feel. Carbon fiber is one of the hardest materials you can find. This will assure the perfect preservation of your cards while inside the wallet. It also gives the card holder an elegant and refined air.


The Aluminum Inner Plates are made of special aviation aluminum used for making them lightweight and at the same time to give the wallet the RFID Proof feature. As long as the cards are inside the wallet this will protect your personal information they hold from falling into thieves hands. The perfect crafting on the inside assures no card damage while using the MouZie Card Holder.

Money Clip – made of spring steel covered with a protective layer for a better stress resistance. It is built to stay in place and not loosen after using when handled as per the instructions. It has a velvet coating designed to protect your money from any damage when using it and at the same time to prevent the cash from sliding off.

Elastic band – is made of a thick elastic to assure a proper resistance over time. It is very malleable and will easily hold between 1 and 15 cards. Even after using it with 15 cards for a long time, it will still be strong enough to hold only 1 card if needed.

Cash Strap – It is made of a thinner material than the normal elastic band to insure a more stylish look when using it. It is covered with silicone dots to insure your cash against any unwanted sliding off.

Screws – are made of stainless steel and have a special cover on the top designed to prevent the unwanted loosening or loss. The package includes 5 extra screws just in case you lose any.




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