Our mission is to help people simplify their lifestyles. The stress follows us everywhere. It has become a constant presence in our lives. Therefore, our products aim to take part of that stress and relieve you from at least some of your daily pressure.

The way the MouZie products are built (materials, dimensions, utility) is meant to encourage a healthy active way of life from which sport should not miss. Our products are easily adaptive to any kind of activity: from a simple walk to a cycling race, from the bottom of the ocean to gliding among the clouds, from jogging in the park to climbing the highest mountain ridge, no matter the age, workplace, sex, race or hair color, in suits or shorts, we will be next to you supporting and encouraging you to take the next step.

Mouzie. Make your life easy!


MouZie is not just a brand. It is our way of life. It is our pledge that tomorrow we will be the same vertical people, open to everything that is new and taking a step forward in self-improvement and trying to make the world around us better.

We are focusing on everyday challenges and plan to be by our community members’ side with every step they take. Our products come with new ways of combining security, sophistication and elegance with a simple, minimalist and smart way of life.

Future plans

Our near future plans are to diversify and develop the products we are currently producing and distributing by bringing new varieties and also new complementary products to our portfolio.

On the longer run, we intend to become one of the main figures of smart, minimalist products. MouZie is after all dedicated to simplifying people’s lives.


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