MouZie Key Organizer

The MouZie Key Organizer is slim, lightweight, stylish and efficient as it can easily hold 1-18 keys. You can now forget about the scratches caused by the loose keys and old keyrings. Turn your keys into the coolest keychain for your car key, or simply use it independently. It is very easy to set up and use. You can find the video instructions by clicking on the Getting Started button below. 

The Carbon Fiber Plates – are made of pure carbon fiber to insure a long time resistance while being very light. They give the key holder a very stylish look and are easy to match with any outfit you want.

The Screws – are made of stainless steel to protect against any corrosion over time while also being very strong for a safe keeping of your keys. The screw headsare specially designed so you can use any Coin to tighten or loosen as per your preference. Anti-Loosening washers are added to the screws to prevent unwanted loosening over time.

The Spacers – are designed to protect your keys and the key holder plates from getting scratch marks over time. Use them as per the instructions and your keys will always stay nice and shiny.

The Expansion Kit – comes included in the package and has 10 extra spacers, 2 long + 2 short extension screws. Use the equipped screws to load 1-4 keys on the key organizer. Replace the equipped screws with the long extension ones to load up to 8 keys. Use a combination of short and long screws to load up to 18 keys at the same time. Please follow the video instructions on how to use.


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